Word of The Day

Ray writes:
Have you ever spoken the word “Passion”? Take a moment and say it out-loud with me. “Passion”. I bet you just said it fast didn’t you? Say it again. “Passion”. Don’t say it in your mind, say it out-loud. “Passion”. Good, now say it again only this time whisper it slowly. “Passsssiiiooonnn”. One more time even slower.

Did you hear it? Say it one more time
I know you heard it just then – that still small voice inside your head that just said “wow, what a cool word”.

I started this blog post early this morning about 6:30 AM. I just finished my work-out at the gym. I was relaxing in the hot tub stretching my achy muscles when I looked over on the wall when I saw one of those motivational posters. You’ve seen them before, the one with the perfectly shaped model standing there all sweaty from working out. As you look at the poster you cannot find anything wrong with the models body and on the top of the poster it said “PASSION”.

Of course the message from the poster was saying “To have a perfect body, you need to have the passion to work for it.

Say it with me again. “Paaaassssssssiiiioooonnnn”.

But what is passion?
Webster dictionary defines it as: passion
1. ardent love or affection
2. intense sexual love
3. a strong affection or enthusiasm for an object, concept, etc
4. any strongly felt emotion, such as love, hate, envy, etc

For the work-out poster I’ll go with the “intense” “and enthusiasm” definitions.

You could say I have a passion of chocolate ice cream since I could use to lose a few pounds. Oh that rich and creamy delight, I can just taste it now. And that is why I need to be in the gym at 6:30 in the morning.

Can someone have more than one passion? Sure, you can have as many passions as you want. Passions come in many wants and desires.

What do you have a passion for?

Oh course when you say the word “Passion” most people immediately think of two lovers intertwined as one. But passion means more than just hot steamy romance. People are often described as passionate, like how a mother can have passion when she cooks for her family. It makes her happy knowing in her heart that they are fed well, loved and cared for.

What drives our passion? Why do we even have, or don’t have passion? I say our passion comes from our heart and the love we have for something in particular.

Earlier I said I have a passion for chocolate ice cream, it’s true, I do. But I also have a passion for something else. Freedom.

The freedom I feel inside when I ride on two wheels with the wind in my hair. The freedom I enjoy as I sit in front of my keyboard writing these words. Those are just two things that drives my passion.

What is your passion? Is it writing, music, love or another form of expression? Does your passion engulf you, feed you, does it make you whole? Does your passion spread to others like wildfire through dry grass? Or does your passion just sit there and fizzle out?

I have a friendly challenge for you. I say next Friday February 24, 2012 everyone writes a blog page about what their particular passion is. In 100 words or less describe what drives you, what is it that makes you whole and post it on your blog page.

Why? I would love to see how many pages we can get posted out there on the web. Are you up for the challenge? Come on, I know you can do this. Let’s meet back here next Friday

Don’t have a blog page but still want to participate? Just e-mail me at pig8080@LIVE.COM your entry and I’ll post it for you. It’s time to get those creative juices flowing.
I’ll see you here next Friday.


Pig writes:
Passion, I’ll tell you what I have a passion for, it’s for someone to bring me another cold beer. Make it a six-pack while your at it. All this passion around here is making me thirsty.

Ride Hard or Stay Home


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