Bugs, Bugs, Bugs


Pig Writes

Two wheel traveling along the Texas during the warm weather riding season can be quite pleasant. For some travelers it could prove to be a little aggravating too.

After a recent trip somewhere between Seguin and Gonzales TX along US 90 some poor little bugs met their fate by colliding with our windshield. I guess one could say that we won the battle out on the road.

After our ride, I was placed in charge of cleaning the bike. I noticed something about the dried bug batter firmly adhered to the windshield. I moved in for a closer look. There was some green bits and pieces along with some yellows and a few reds in the mix. Gross looking but interesting in a way.

Hey Skeeter” I said, “look here, there is no carcass mixed in with the bug splatter.”

Yeap”, Skeeter replied while sucking down a ice cold beer.

How fast were we going anyway” I asked?

’bout 80 I suppose” Skeeter said.

Hmmm, I wonder what goes through a bugs mind as he hits your windshield like that?”

Skeeter leaned over and looked closer at the bits of encrusted bug batter on the glass and took another drag off his beer as he replied, “Looks to me like its his asshole.”

Yeah, I think so”.

Ride HARD or Stay Home




A Little Bit Of News

Pig Writes:

Greetings to all my fans of pork.

Yeah, I’m finally back on the blog – I know, I know, some of you are probably wondering what happened to me. Not to worry though, I have great news for you that’s better than seeing my cousin Wilber being turned into a Spam sandwich with mustard & pickles (You know he anit no damm good).

I, the one and only, Pig has been selected to write monthly feature articles, called Pig Writes, for Thunder Roads Texas Magazine. That’s right Pig fans, I am now a published Pig. You can continue to read about my (mis) adventures here and as a bonus, you can now enjoy even more of me in my true biker setting. So pop on over to Thunder Roads Texas and check it out. I think you will enjoy it. I can’t wait to see how much I can drive my editor, Shelly Horan, nuts.

Another bit of news, you know that I have always been a big supporter of our men & women in our military. (Check out my Super Bowl post) And now my blog is linked with the Warriors Road Trip website. Warriors Road Trip is an organization dedicated to helping our returning veterans adjust to life back home through hunting & fishing trips. You know those men & women deserve the very best for what they have done for our country and for us. They are the front line in the defense of the freedoms we enjoy each & every day. You should take a little time and check them out.

As always my little piglets

Ride HARD or Stay Home