Pig, Where are you?

Pig Writes


Greetings to all my lovers of Pork,


Yeah, I know, Its been a while since I posted.  I’ve been busy writing for Thunder Roads and staying in trouble.  Today’s post is about the later.  Seems to me that lately, Rainman has been working a little too much overtime at work.  I hate it when he does that.  It gets too quite around the house when it is just me and the cats all day (the only thing they want to do is sleep all day). 


I decided last Thursday to give my trusted pilot a friendly little reminder of what is important at home.  People need that every once in a while.  It is not good to forget who your friends are. I have found that life can make it easy to forget those who are important.  And it hurts when you do.


Sadly I haven’t made it to a bike night in the past three weeks.  That sucks because I have a reputation to uphold here.  I need to be seen by my peeps, I need to be unified with my brotherhood of fellow bikers.  Not being able to be seen is just unacceptable in my opinion.


What did I do? I gave Rainman a little reminder that I was still here waiting on him.  Last Friday Rainman had a seminar to attend and he had to teach a class to a group of professional Engineers and Contractors.  Using my stealth capabilities, I borrowed his laptop when he wasn’t looking and made a few adjustments to his presentation.  Nothing major, in fact, all I did was add two little old slides to the presentation.  And besides, who cares about that crap anyway?

Hey Dad, Bring home more Cheetos

And More Beer! 


And what does he do?  Well, when he got home he walks in the front door, grabs me by the neck and does this.


Somebody Help Me Please !

He left me there, in the garage, for three days.  When he finally cut me down it took two more days for all of the blood to drain back out of my head.  And that my friends is why I haven’t posted for a few days.


Ride HARD or Stay Home




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