My First Publication

My first publication Part one.

Pig Writes:

Well squeeze me til I squeal. There is nothing like the feeling inside of being published for the first time. Funny thing is how you think things will progress and what actually happens are always two different things.

After I received word that Thunder Roads Texas wanted to publish one of my submissions. I didn’t have much time to come down off my “high” before they offered me a monthly feature spot. I gladly accepted the position in less than about twenty seconds. I was bouncing off all four walls and I even swung around a few times on the ceiling fan. The joy, the elation, it was all so over powering.

The day finally came when the magazine with my article was released. Rainman and I hauled tail over to Cowboys Harley Davidson to grab a copy off the shelf. I just had to see my article in print – that was the only way I knew if the dream was real or not. We walked in and was greeted by the lovely ladies behind the cashier counter (I just love their smiles). Rainman stopped to say hello to Hank (one of the salesman) while I headed over to the mag rack. Dammit, no copies. Hank came over to see if he could help. I asked him where the mags were? “Not here yet – should be in tomorrow”.

 Thunder Roads Texas

Dejected and bummed out, I could feel the weight of my head pushing down my neck and into my shoulders. I went home to sulk. When your dreams seem like they are crashing down around you, it makes you feel worse than being turned down by a stripper. We returned the next day. There it was, I saw it in the mag rack. It glowed like a beacon in the dark of night. That mag rack held what was now my dreams that just came true. I reached over and grabbed two copies.

Rainman and I wasted no time in turning to the page. There it was all laid out in front of us. I saw my words and sentences with pictures of our friends. Rainman suddenly grabbed me and got me out of there. And it was just in a nick of time. That is before I started bouncing off the walls with all those expensive Harley’s around me..

After we got home, I was so ecstatic that I forgot to do a blog post to announce the news. For the next two weeks I was showing anyone who was interested the article.

That is until Rainman reminded me of my pending deadline for the next months article. “Oh shit”, it’s time for me to get busy. I guess I better learn to manage my time better if I am going to do this.

Ride HARD or Stay Home


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