Vacation Time

Vacation Time

Pig Writes:

This week Rainman is on vacation. It is his first vacation in three years. That means nine whole days to spend with him. We may have to see who wants to kill who first by the end of the week. But being a couple of broke bums we didn’t make any plans to go anywhere special. Instead we made plans to get caught up on some projects around the house and then put in some road time on the bike. One of the projects to be completed was for me to finally get a bedroom/office of my own to live in and write my stories.

After Ericka moved out, her old room became the new spare bedroom. That left the old spare room for me. Even though it is the smallest room in the house it still worked for me. Really, how much room does a Pig need?

Just to give you an idea of what we were dealing with I have enclosed some pictures of the before and after effect. Now I have to ask you does this look like an office suited for a Pig like me.


Oh hell no. It just won’t do. First of all, I am not a Tweety bird. That means the yellow walls must go. And as for as this lovely print on the bed and matching curtains, I think I’m gonna puke! It’s OUTTA HERE!!!

This just won’t do

Rainman and I talked about a new color scheme, one that goes with my personality. That was when the trouble started. Seems that what we had in mind and what mom had in mind were two very different minds. That was when the first argument started. We (Rainman & I) decided we would make three walls a light grey, one wall Harley Davidson orange and the trim would be black. And we would paint a black and an orange stripe across the grey walls @ half way up. That you could say that it didn’t fly with mom at all.

It seemed that she wanted the room to stay in the same degree of colors as the rest of the house. She said she would go with all four walls grey but no three tones would be allowed. Rainman looked down at me. I think he saw the tears in my eyes as I faced the reality of not getting the colors I really wanted. I saw his chest puff up. Oh Shit! Now the crap has really hit the fan. Argument number two had just started. He was either the bravest man in the world or the most absolute dumbest. Either way, Rainman dug in deep and fought a real uphill battle.

You could say the test of a true friend can be measured by how willing they are to stand up for you. Rainman’s true red white and blue colors shined brightly, or was that the colors of the bruises he received? I’m not really sure. After I picked him up off the floor and helped him to his feet, he looked down at me and said “There is more than one way to skin a cat.” I didn’t know what he meant by that, I tried it on Blue one time and that cat tore my ass up with his claws.

So you think you can kick my ass.

We headed over to the Home Depot and purchased the three colors. We got home and started painting. Playing it smart, we started with the three walls of grey first. It looked pretty good and mom was happy with it. Then when her back was turned, we started with the orange wall. We had the first coat on when we heard a scream come from the living room. At first sight there was mom standing in front of the leather love seat. On top of the love seat were three spots of orange paint going across the top. One of the cats (Bailey) had stepped in some paint I spilled in the room. She walked straight out into the living room. Leaving paw prints of orange across the floor and the top of the love seat.

Busted. There was no denying it. We were so busted. Mom just stood there screaming at us. There are only two things in this world that I am scared of. Mom being pissed is one of them. As her faced turned bright red and steam rolled out of her ears, I grabbed some cleaner out of the supply cabinet and got busy cleaning the mess. Rainman, on the other hand, had his hands full dealing with mom. While I was cleaning, she followed the paw trail back into my bedroom and saw that we had painted the fourth wall orange. I can’t repeat here what she said but I will tell you this. Number one, those were some real bright colorful words she used. Number two, we were shut down on painting for the rest of the day and all of Sunday too. This vacation did not start out all that well for Rainman.

It took until about Sunday evening mixed in with a lot of butt kissing before mom finally chilled out; she even started to come around to the idea of the new colors. And early Monday morning, we were back to painting. Funny thing is; mom made sure we paid hell for our actions of painting the room in unapproved colors. It seemed like every few minutes she found something else for us to do. You see, there were these “little” errands that needed to be run. We had to run to the grocery store for her, and then it was over to Whataburger to pick up some lunch. Then we had to run down to DQ to get some ice cream (since this was a vacation). She made sure to interrupt us at just about every opportunity she could. They say that pay back is a bitch. Boy is that ever right. What should have taken us one day to complete took until Tuesday to finish.

Now this is cool!

By the time we finished with the painting, poor Rainman’s nerves were shot. He would have been better off not being on vacation at all.

Works for me!

I’m surprised he didn’t blow a head gasket. He was putting my computer together when I laid my hoof on his arm and asked him to stop. I told him “Bro, we’re done. It’s time for us to take a ride.” We set it up with Keyman to take a nice long ride on Wednesday. We could finish the room out in small bits from here. I have to say all in all, we did a pretty good job. Even with all the hell mom put us through to get it done.

Love that orange & black!

It was all worth it. With my new room all to myself, now I feel like a professional biker writer!

Ride HARD or Stay Home


What do you think? Do the new colors suit me well? Leave me a comment.


4 thoughts on “Vacation Time

  1. Good article Pig. Hope things settle down some… Maybe it wouldn’t have been so rough if you had painted it Candy Apple Red — sort of like my VTX 1800…..

  2. Pig you should have stepped up and insisted the room be painted your colors. PINK and BLACK. Then it would be a real Pig’s room. 🙂

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