Happy Father’s Day

Rainman writes:

Happy Fathers Day.

I say that to all the fathers out there. I sincerely hope and pray that your day is as wonderful as possible.

For this Father’s Day I have taken the time to reflect on all the wonderful blessings I have been granted.

What a Goober!

Blessed with one daughter.

Blessed I was able to raise her the best that I could.

Blessed I was able to raise her in church.

And I am blessed I was able to teach her most of the basics of life.

This is the first Father’s Day I am not able to spend with her – but that is OK. I know she truly loves me.

How does she show her love for her “dad”?

By stopping by the house earlier in the week. She dropped off a card with a couple of $5.00 DVD’s, a cold Dr. Pepper in the fridge and a Snickers bar in the freezer (my favorite). While the total price of her gift was less than 20 bucks, it was all worth millions.

Happy Father’s Day

P.S. To all the deadbeat fathers out there, thanks for nothing!


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