Rain, Rain, Rain


Rainman writes:


Hi, I’m glad to see that you stopped by today.  I was sitting at my desk this morning checking e-mails and the weather, just getting my day started.  Weather report said rain was moving into the area.  Looks like it’s gonna be muddy today.  The coffee pot over in the corner just finished brewing the first pot of “Life in a cup”.


A shot of sugar, a shot of cream later and my cup jo was ready to go.  It was then I heard the sound of rain on the roof.  I grabbed up my cup and a smoke and headed out to the shop to see the rain.


The rain was coming down in buckets


Sipping coffee and taking a drag off my smoke I stood there enjoying how comforting the rain was.  It was relaxing.  But then I noticed there was something wrong with the coffee.  Something just didn’t taste right.  On a whim I ran back to my office and grabbed the coffee pot.  I poured the coffee down the drain.  Then I stuck the pot out the door and refilled it with fresh water from the sky.  I then brewed a new pot.


The new pot of coffee came out fresh.


No tap water additives.


No bottled water taste


Nothing but fresh water and coffee


That first cup was the best cup of coffee I have had in a long, long time.

I enjoyed it while watching the rain continue to try and ruin my day.



Biker Code:  I never really questioned why I ride,

                  It’s as basic as breathing.





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