Another Pig Update


Another Pig Update


Rainman Writes:


Hey everybody, we have great news.  Pig is now home from the hospital.  I got a call yesterday evening from the vet’s office and they said for me to come get Pig.  Seems that he was doing much better and was ready to come home. 


I got there as quick as I could.


I think Pig was ready to head home.  Along the way home I asked him who beat him up?  He wasn’t able to answer me very clearly since he was still on some pain meds.  However he did tell me “Bacon Sizzle”.  I have no clue as to what he meant by that.  Other than maybe he assailant might have threatened him with that.  Has anyone heard Pig being threatened with “Bacon Sizzle” or maybe “I’ll sizzle your bacon”?  Please let me know if you had, it just might help us to find who did this to Pig.


Look at what they did to my little Buddy


I got him home and decided since he had been through so much that he could sleep in our bed for the night.  I guess we will have to see how he feels later today.  I’m not sure when he will be ready to write again.  But hopefully it won’t be too long.


That feels better!


Thanks again for all your concerns and “Get Wells”  I will make sure Pig sees them all as soon as he is able.



Side note:  When I got to the vet’s I was able to figure out why Pig kept saying Ta Ta’s over and over.  The nurse who was caring for him was wearing a low cut shirt and everytime she bent over pig he was looking in her shirt at the tops of her twins.  I just knew they would take good care of him. 


It’s great to have our little buddy back.





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