Do You Know What Today Is?

Pig Writes:



Well it’s March 1, 2013 and do you know what that means?

It’s time to pay that house payment – Yes.

Need to go to the grocery store and stock up – Ah Huh.

Still need to file my taxes – Yeap, that too.

What else is there about March 1st?

It’s Friday – the weekend is here, Yea!

Your getting close, keep trying.

Oh, oh, oh, I know. It’s Share a Smile Day.


Smile! (Photo credit: sirwiseowl)

Wow, you’re getting warmer, here’s a hint. What coincides with Share a Smile Day?

I know, I know, it’s Peanut Butter Lovers Day.

Peanut butter is a semi-solid and can therefor...

Peanut butter is a semi-solid and can therefore hold peaks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your getting warmer, try one more time.

You say you can’t think of anything else it could be?

I just can’t believe you, Don’t you know March 1st is National Pig Day.


That’s right folks today is the day we all pay homage to the pig – in other words to ME!

Devil's Marbleyard: Pig

Devil’s Marbleyard: Pig (Photo credit: Vicky TGAW)

Oh joy, oh joy all hail Pig!

Thank you, thank you you may now kiss my hove.


One More Step Up


Greetings to all my Pig fans out there.

 Best Buddies

I have great news today. 


There are times in our lives when we achieve great accomplishments.


Like drinking our first beer.


Or scoring your first (real) phone number from a hot babe.

 What a smile

Perhaps it could be the first time you reach 100MPH on a motorcycle and still be in 3rd gear.


For writers it could be your first cover story on a magazine.  And that is what has been accomplished for me.


Yeap, squeeze me til I squeal cause I just got my first cover story writing for Thunder Roads Texas Magazine.


I’m so happy about; I wanted to share it with you all. 


It’s a story about two people falling in love and riding off into the sunset together.

 Isn't she pretty

Read it and tell me what you think.


Ride HARD or Stay Home.





Another Christmas Story Part One


Christmas Story



The bike is ready to go

The bike is ready to go

long ago there was a young man who had desires to be a woodworker.

He was
creative. He learned many things from his father.

learned how to use tools safely and how to care for them.

learned his craft true and straight like the cuts he made into the
wood he used. Better yet, like a true craftsman, he learned how to
hide his mistakes.

young man made all sorts of things, from wooden toys to shelves and
even furniture. For he was good at his craft.

English: old craft

English: old craft (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

from all around wanted him to build things for them.

then one day, he put his tools down and stored them away. People had
changed. They didn’t want to pay him what he was owed for his
services. They all seemed to take advantage of him for his craft.

love of his craft was gone. The young man no longer enjoyed what he

was many years ago.

there was a birth of a nephew in the family and Christmas would soon

man was asked by his wife to build a toy box for the new nephew as a
Christmas present.

first the man said “No!”. But his wife knew how to push his
buttons to convince him to say “Yes”. The poor guy never stood a
chance. Broken down and ashamed I heard him mutter “OK, I’ll do

would agree to build a toy box for the new nephew, but not for the
sister-in-law who could not bear to stand in the same room as him.

was going through his mind at that moment, I would not know.

wasn’t sure as to why he would agree to build something his heart was
not into.

would learn why soon enough.

HARD or Stay Home



Pig’s Interview


Pigs Interview


Rainman Writes:


Look at what they did to my little Buddy


For those of you who are wondering, Thunder Roads Writer Pig is recovering nicely and the culprit(s) still have not been caught.  Pig hasn’t said much, he sort of mumbles gibberish while on his pain meds.  Two things I have learned about Pig:

1.  Never try to teach Pig how to sing.

2.  Never try to talk to Pig when he is “high” on his pain meds.

Both are a waste of time and annoy Pig.


I was able to get a few questions answered when I handed Pig a beer.  He shotgunned the beer, sat bolt right up.  His eye popped open and he was his normal drunkard self for about five minutes.  I still need to know what he remembers about that night.  It is the only way we can find the culprit(s) who did this to Pig.  So quickly I fired off as many questions as I could.


RM:  “Pig, what do you remember after going to bed?”

Pig:   “I was dreaming of beer and boobs.”


RM:   “Who’s boobs?”

Pig:   “Big ones.”


RM:   “Pig, what happened when you were assaulted?”

Pig:   “I was asleep, then someone sucker punched me in the gut.”


RM:   “Then what happened?”

Pig:   “It was dark and I couldn’t see.  I started to fight back.  I was swinging wildly and I kept feeling something cut me.  I remember putting the assailant in a headlock.  We tumbled and I remember falling.  Then nothing else till I woke up in the hospital.”


RM:   “Do you remember anything at the hospital?”

Pig:   “I remember seeing cleavage and two big soft boobs.”


RM:   “Did you see your assailant?”

Pig:   “No Dumb-ass, I told you it was dark.”


RM:   “Do you remember anything else, any smells, feelings, ECT?”

Pig:   “Yeah, I remember bad breath, someone needed a Tic-tac.”


RM:   “Pig, before you had mentioned Bacon and Sizzle, what do those words mean?”

Pig:   “Not sure, I remember someone saying those words in a sentence.  But I cannot remember who it was that said it.”

RM:   “Do you have anyone mad at you?”

Pig:   No answer, Pig fell back asleep.


Here are the facts of what we know so far:


  1. The room was dark.
  2. Pig was sucker punched.
  3. He was knocked out hitting his head on the self falling to the floor.
  4. The assailant (one) had bad breath.
  5. He remember someone possibly threatening to cook him.
  6. Pig likes nurses with cleavage and big boobs.


All right folks, spread the word.  See if anyone knows anything.  Let us know ASAP.  You can leave a comment here or on Facebook.  Lets help Pig find justice while he rests.  We need him back writing as soon as he can.


Ride Hard or Stay Home





Howdy Piglets,

Let’s Oink!

Comments, comments, comment. I love getting comments on my blog. Funny thing is I never, EVER get one single comment that is negative or hateful or even mean. Why just last week I got one from a lady that was really inspiring to my work. The comment said “I was reading your post on Christmas gifts, I thought it would be interesting, I only came to the conclusion that you are just full of yourself.” Wow, when I read that, I was so relieved. I was really worried that I might have been leaking somewhere from my body and didn’t know it. In fact I was so concerned about being full of myself that I had Rainman take me to the vet to get myself checked out. After sitting in the waiting room for 2 hours past my appointed time, the vet came in and did a full scan of my body. He went through the check list and said “heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, yeap, everything is still in there, no leaks”. Thank God, I was so relieved to hear it. However he did go on to say that I was a little too full, said that I could use to lose some weight. I should have told the vet he needed to stop taking all those ugly pills. He was looking so bad; he could be a modern art masterpiece.

After I got thrown out of the vets office for chasing his beautiful assistant around her desk, I got home and spent a little quite time to myself. I like to do that from time to time, spending time reflecting on my life with a big bag of flaming hot Cheetoes and a Diet Coke while I review. Yes, life is good for me, I love to ride, drink beer and chase women. I like to blog, I like to tell stories of what happens to me on a daily basis. It is what keeps me sane in this crazy messed up world we live in. Especially when I have to witness heart breaking events like what just happened in the last two weeks.

Sunday at church, we prayed for a friend of ours and his family who was almost killed in a motorcycle accident caused by a mechanical failure. We learned during prayer that 5 other motorcyclists were hurt and in ICU that same day at the one hospital. It really hits home when you realize just how fragile we truly are. Then we prayed for a young soldier returning from Iraq who was greeted at home with a letter from his long time girl friend. The letter was a Dear John letter; she said that she found someone else in her life and no longer wished to be with him. She also went so far as to include a photo of her and her new boyfriend. The young soldier was so distraught over that letter that after a few days of being home, he took his own life. The young man who fought for the very freedoms we enjoy and have because of men and women just like him, died in the war zone and he didn’t even know it. He could not adjust to being home. His funeral was scheduled for Tuesday. He was provided an motorcycle honor guard for his funeral by some friends of mine in the Honor Guard. It was a showing of respect, love and honor to a young man who gave all to protect us. I am so sorry he had to come home to what he did. And just to put the icing on the cake, after his funeral, one of the men in the Honor guard was hit on his motorcycle by a cager that was in too much of a Damm hurry to care anything about the safety of someone else.

Yeah, you can say that I am full of myself. I’ll have to agree with you. It is the only thing I have left inside of me after dealing with these and other life issues on a daily basis. I’m so afraid that one day I may dry up and blow away if I don’t keep myself full. I will always try my best to keep a positive outlook on life, I always try to find humor in anything I can and to bring that humor forward to share with others. If you can not have humor in your life then what is the point in living? Thank God someone reminded me that I am full of myself. Hell yes I am, and that was the best complement I ever received. You will have to forgive me, I have to leave now. Mom just brought home another bag of Cheetoes for me to enjoy!

As always

Ride HARD or stay home!