Pigs Passion

Pig Passion

Pig Writes:

All this talk going around about passion has gotten me thinking. (Well actually it was after Rainman asked me to write a post on it) I never realized before how my passion runs deep for many things in my life. Call me a passionate pig if you will. It’s like Rainman described in his previous post – having passion does give us the drive to strive in our lives. PASSION = MOTIVATION, it is what makes us who we are.

You all know that I have a real passion for BEER. Store bought, home brewed,even other peoples beer, it’s all good! Oh my, my, that all grain elixir, carefully crafted and artistic finished is just heaven in a glass. And beer does so many wonderful things for me too. Beer teaches me how to dance with the ladies, it’s been doing that for years. I’ve been known to cut a really cool rug or two when I’ve had a few beers.

Beer feeds me – there is nothing like an liquid all-grain diet. Don’t believe me? Well then just take one look at my belly. Beer makes me grow tall, I’ve been known to grow as much as 6 feet tall and become bullet proof. Lets not forget that beer is always good with chili-dogs too.

Last but not least, when you have a proper passion for beer, you always have good friends around.

Another passion I have is for single women. I’ve always enjoyed a soft woman who gives me lots of hugs and kisses. Nothing finer than a hot dame with lots of curves to make life interesting. There is one problem with having all that passion for women.

Will you marry me?

With all that loving, all they want (or expect) to do is get married. WRONG, STOP, NO WAY this Pig doesn’t go there. Just get that idea out of your head.

Another passion I have is riding motorcycles (duh, biker pig). Hitting the open road with not a care in the world. There is always new adventure awaiting me over the next hilltop as I am always meeting new people – seeing places I have never seen before and I love returning to old favorites.

Do you know what else I have a passion for? Yeap, that’s right, Cheetos. Man I love those things. I can eat them all day and all night if I had the chance too. Those crunchy little puffs of processed, bad for your health, addicting remnants of food particles all covered in powered cheese. Why the mere thought of spending time in jail and not being able to eat Cheetos all day is enough to make me behave myself.

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Can one passion can fuel another passion completely unrelated? Oh you bet it can. With each adventure we discover we learn to grow

But what if someone has no passion? What is their particular drive? Well, to be honest, I don’t see them having any drive. Without drive, you really have no purpose if life. Stuck living the boring life of a couch potato, watching that idiot box they call television, all the while wishing you had someone else lifestyle.

Lack of passion equals a lack of motivation to improve your quality of life. Having passion is important, it is good for the soul. You feed from it, grow from it. Passion can bring you joy in your life. But you have to be careful with passion. Too much passion for beer and those ladies I dance with become MARRIED ladies with pissed off husbands – with guns even. Too much passion can rob you of wealth or health as it can also be damaging to relationships in your life. So always remember you have to keep your passion balanced.

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Yes, I am a beer drinking, hot women chasing, motorcycle riding, Cheetos eating oinker of a pig. Yeah, OK, so what if I go a little overboard sometimes. It only means that I have passion for those things and I try to live each day to its fullest. But, you know what? If I can make just one person laugh, or at least put a smile on their face during the day, then life is all worthwhile to me

Go do something passionate today.

Ride HARD or Stay Home