About: The Proud American

 Best Buddies

Hello and thank you for stopping by today.  My name is Ray Meinhardt AKA Rainman and this is my blog page.  I am a published writer, a blogger and I ride motorcycles.  I am also proud to be an American.  I enjoy the freedom to write about the biker community, although I do that a little different than most people would think.  I am a feature writer for Thunder Roads Texas Magazine and that is the part that I do different than most people.  For you see that I write about the biker community through the eyes of a little pink pig.  I use Pig as the catalyst for my stories and adventures.  I filter everything through him as I try to show what the biker world is really like.  Pig is always getting himself into some kind of trouble, but he always seems to have a good time doing it too.


The Proud American Blog is intended to be non-political talk about what it truly means to be an American.  We Americans from all walks of life are forgetting some of the most important aspects of what it means to be an American.  We have lost our pride in our country, our will to succeed, to be independent.  Most importantly we are losing the ability to think for ourselves and be responsible for our own choices.  In essence, we are losing our freedom and our liberty.  And that is what I am here to talk about.  The government intervention in our daily lives on a regular basis needs to stop.  They need to stop doing because people don’t need to be told how to live their lives.  People need to be reminded of how great they are personally and what they, themselves can accomplish on their own.  The American people are strong and smart.  I don’t tell people who they should vote for or where they should stand on a particular subject, that is what you need to decide for yourself.  But I will say what our Founding Fathers stood for to give us our freedoms to make those choices on our own.


Leave a comment, post a note forward this blog onto your friends and let’s remind everyone what it means to be a true, proud American.







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