List of highways in Webb County, Texas

List of highways in Webb County, Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Pig Writes:


time of year where warm weather with light breezes and plenty of
sunshine make for perfect riding weather here in
South Texas. Late winter rains this year charges the ground with
life producing nutrients. That made the wild flower season burst
into full bloom. The reddish orange of Indian praintbrush mixed in
with the wild blue bonnets along with fields of purple and yellow
flowers remind us of Gods artistic hands in His creations.

through the back-roads of farms and ranches bring forth a heart full
of joy and happiness at the sight of all those beautiful fields.
Forever people stop along their way to take pictures – saving
memories of the beauty they have seen.

down these roads on two wheels the sense of freedom
prosperity overcome
you. For me it makes me proud to be an American and a Texan.
Excitedly I lean out from behind my trusted pilot’s back to take a
peak at the upcoming road. That was when I felt the lump in my

not a lump of happiness or pride.

not a lump of joy either.

like a lump from the damm bug I just swallowed. Yuck! That didn’t
taste like chicken!

Springtime Everybody

HARD or Stay Home




Stop Me If You Heard This One Before


Stop Me If You Heard This One before…


Pig writes:


Do you know the difference between a Fairy tale and a Texas tale?


A Fairy tale begins “Once upon a time…”

A Texas tale begins “You anit gonna believe this but…”


Well you anit gonna believe this one

A Pig walks into a strip club.

He shimmy’s up to the bar to order a beer.

Bartender tells him “We don’t serve pig in here”

“That’s fine my good man cause I don’t want any pig today”, I answered him.  “But I will take a beer and that fish taco dancing up on stage.”


To make a long story short, they used my head for a battering ram to open the door as they threw me out.


Ride HARD or Stay Home



Biker Dreams


Biker Dreams


By:  Rainman & Pig


Somewhere between sleep and reality in the dead of night, lays our dreams.  For me on one recent Saturday morning there would be no alarm clock to be awaken by, the work week was done, it was unwind time.  That meant it was time to remove all the stress and worries.  It was ME time for a change.  It was destined to be time to rest and recharge the battery by enjoying the comforts of a soft, warm bed, all covered up letting the world go by.


In my gentle slumber I dreamed of all things good.  An open road deep in the Texas Hill Country, a typical country road where there are plenty of hills and turns, where the trees along the side grow over the top of the road and sunlight fights feverishly to shine through the leaves.  Pushing the limits of my riding capabilities, I push the bike into the next turn, controlling the wild beast I ride.


More throttle, less push, stand ready to brake hard if needed.  The last turn I roll out of reveals a nice flat, open stretch of road with no cars. It’s just me, the bike and the road. 


Increase hard on the throttle – clutch and shift – the beast between my legs comes alive and is on the verge of out of control.


That was when she called to me “Rainman”; it was a small whisper in the dead of night.  The sound of the engine faded away.

“Who was that” I wondered?

“Rainman, come to me” I heard the whisper again.  The voice was comforting.

“Who is that – I don’t recognize who it is.”

“Rainman, come to me, I want you” she continues.

Oh man, this chick sounds so hot, who is she and what does she want with me?

“I want you Rainman, come to me” she beckons.  The soft voice in my dream had no figure; I did not know who it was talking to me.  Then it was about that time when I felt her touch my shoulder.  It was comforting, gently pushing against me, massaging…


I heard her call my name again, ever so gentle, still soft as a whisper.


Once more I felt her touch my shoulder as she continues to call my name.  Enveloped in the comfort of my warm bed and bountiful rest, that is when one’s mind knows all is well with the world and life as we know it, is about to get better.


Suddenly coldness grabs at my heart as I abruptly leave my state of rest, I can feel fear settle upon me as consciousness overtake my state of being.  The last thing I remember of my dream was her licking my finger – oh how it felt so erotic.  It was then I quickly realized who it was that called to me.  That sickening feeling passed through my body as I came to terms that my dreams were becoming not true.


There was not to be a hot sexy blonde softly speaking in my ear, not even a crazy red-head wanting to go for a ride. No, it was more like a male.  One covered in dark gray fur with big long nose whiskers.  Yeah, you guessed it, our cat Blue decided he was hungry at 4:30 in the morning that day.  Did he have any appreciation for what my dreams held for me?  Oh, no way, why would he ever do that?  Knowing all too well from past experience that if I chose to ignore him; he would not simply go away.  If I shooed him away, he would just sneak in low and claw at the bed skirt until I got up.  If I tried throwing a shoe at him he would crawl under the bed and claw at the bottom.  If there was to be any rest with a chance of returning to my dreams of the open road on this cold winter morn, I would have to get up and put some food in his bowl. 


In a quick and decisive move I jumped up and raced him down the hall to the kitchen where I found his bowl still had food in it from the night before.  I wondered what was up with that.  What could it be this cat from hell wants from me at this hour of the morning?  I was plenty mad he woke me up on the morning I could sleep in, so I decided to dispense some justice and I kicked him one good time to leave me alone.  On my way back to bed, I passed by Pig on the couch.  I heard a grumbling muffled sound that said “If I was you, I would put his ass out in the garage for waking you up” Pig said. “Especially since I fed him an hour ago” he continued.


Taking Pigs advice (which is something I rarely ever do) I gathered the cat up from the floor and tossed his butt out in the cold garage.  Sounds cruel you say?  Not considering he just had to ruin one of my best dreams I have had in a long time.  No worries though, I still had a few hours of sleep to catch until Pig & I would head out on the bike.  Maybe then, I can find that stretch of open road for real instead of in my dreams.



Pig writes:


Before we headed out that morning – I paid that stupid cat back for waking us up so early. I stuffed his butt in the saddle bag for about an hour before we left.  Boy, he sure was pissed when I let him out LOL.


Ride HARD or Stay Home.